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Bointec is a wireless network system and solution provider that develops networking /radio networking equipment, embedded system porting and applications that help our partner to integrate in the product and solutions.

Incorporate in 2006, With leverage radio design experience and advance networking software protocol within embedded technology, Bointec developing and producing products for OEM/ODM partners of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA and WCDMA digital radio product. With proven advantages, Bointec held wireless communication and access networking technology company that develops networking equipment and solutions that supporting our partners achieve their business goals and the one will match users’ network to the budget and business needs.

Bointec’s mission is to provide worldwide partners high quality, real-time and cost-effective networking products to consumer. In parallel with such a global strategy, we seek to create “win-win” business relationships as a reliable engineering service and product partner. Service and Product include embedded system porting, software SDKs, hardware modules and complete products enabling our customers to connect to a wired or wireless network. Bointec offers a wide range of advanced network equipment, providing the expertise and flexibility for almost any type of wireless devices and applications. We can provide the advanced network for business environment requires.

Bointec's wireless networking solutions are ideal for building Access infrastructure for 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks, video surveillance, and temporary networks in a wide variety of environments, such as metro-area Internet access Hot Spots, airports, hotels and campus environments or other locations where wiring is difficult, disruptive, or expensive. Bointec creates unique solutions which will match your network to your budget and business needs.

Over the years of radio technology experience. Bointec has expanded technology and know how to support the demands of industrial markets. Our engineer team and project management system are united to provide outstanding customer satisfaction and service. We will remain vigilant to the pursuit of new ideas to help our customers benefit from our partnership with them.