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  • BSW404C
  • BSW404C


Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode SawEdge Modue

    ► Fully qualified Bluetooth V4.0 Dual Mode BR/EDR/LE
    ► Bluetooth enhanced data rate up to 2178kbps asymmetric 
    ► Up to +7dBm RF output power with power control 
    ► Complete co-location and co-existence with 802.11  
    ► High sensitivity design 
    ► Fast connection setup 
    ► Full 8- bit to 128-bit encryption 
    ► Widely supply voltage range from 2,5V to 3,6V (typical 3.3V)
    ► Shielded to be compliant to FCC full modular approval
    ► Optional support for ultra-low-power mode
    ► Support High-speed UART, I2C, and SPI interface.
    ► Support for all Bluetooth power saving modes 
       (Park, Sniff, Hold)
    ► RoHS compliant

Boitec BSW404C is a qualified Bluetooth V4.0 Dual Mode BR/EDR/LE system. BSW404C is a fully integrated CSR8811 with ST Cortex-M3 application processor solution and powerful class 2 bluetooth module. Having their own particularly well-suited for many advanced applications. BSW404C owns sufficient pin definitions, high receiving sensitivity and very low power consumption. 


The Serial Port Profile (SPP) on BSW404C can be used for UART data transfer, also support Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) make pairing process much easier and connection more secure. BSW404C have very wide application: for industry and automotive, such as scanner, printer, and auto control motors; for healthcare, medical, sports and fitness, you can use this module to transmit heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature. Also you can use GPS tracking feature if within GPS module. For entertainment, you can use BSW404C in TV, DVD, video game console and so on.



Bluetooth V4.0LE, V3.0+HS, V2.1+EDR; Bluetooth v4.1 specification compliant

Data Rate

Up to 24Mbit/s (TBD)

Modulation Scheme


Frequency Range

2.402~2.480 GHz

Transmit Output Power

0 ≤ Output Power ≤ +10, typical 9 dBm; Class 1device, also support class 2/3

Receiver Sensitivity

-95 dBm (typ.) for π/4 DQPSK, 0.1%BER


PCB antenna


Support on-chip AES encryption

UART Interface

Data Rate

Up to 4Mbps